Our Business

Poa Group

Poa Group is one of the fast growing brands, little but gradually growing offering an
integrated supply, storage and distribution model, providing a full range of products
and services to domestic and industrial customers. These include supermarkets, fuels
distribution, deliveries and retailing, Own Toilet Papers and napkins brand on
distributions, farming & agriculture, tasty aroma rice packaging and distribution, spa
and beauty care, real estate, and healthcare services and consultancy on oil and gas
especially on safety and retailing.

24 Hours Service

Poa Supermarkets

If you like products which are fresh, in variety of types, brands, taste and a nice flow of everyday house hold needs, then that’s where our supermarkets come to you. We are located in Petrol Stations, and some shopping centers with adequate parking facilities and security. We have a wide stock range of food and non-food products at all the 5 branches of POA Supermarkets.

  • Namanga, Ada Estate

  • Mikocheni kwa Nyerere (Camel Oil Petrol Station)

  • Mbezi Beach kwa Zena (Capital Plaza Mall)

  • Tegeta Wazo Hill junction (Camel Oil Petrol Station)

Freshoo Toilet Papers & Napkins

Most of us can’t imagine living without toilet papers and napkins. They are used not only for bathroom hygiene, but for nose care, wipe up spills, removing makeup, and small bathroom cleaning chores and Freshoo Toilet Papers and Napkins are the best for they are created so smooth and frictionless when contact with your skin and with them your toilet and other experience more pleasant.

24 Hours Service

Poa Healthcare

Poa is desirous of life changing healthcare services across the whole of Dar es Salaam on 24hrs operations. We will be opening the first branch soon by early 2021 in Magomeni Dar es slaam. (God Willing) Quality healthcare delivery, quality patient experience and efficient operations built on strong partnerships – these are the hallmarks of Poa Health care and the Poa Group.

Operating with a core purpose of making life better and improving the lives of others, the Group’s mission is to improve lives through the delivery of high quality care and cost-effective services for patients. These services are underpinned by a set of core values. They include a passion for people, quality to the power of ‘e’ (ethics, excellence, empowerment, empathy and energy), performance pride, personal care and lifetime partnerships, above all to stretch beyond simply healing and recovery.